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On anti-Trump protests

22.01.2017 Воскресенье 07:37

Imagine everything you've ever said (even just to yourself or your closest friend) becomes public domain. What would other people think of you in that case? Are you sure you always say only polite and good-mannered things about other people when you know you are not going to be heard? Are you sure they will not be in the least offended by your words? If not, do you have the right to judge someone whose words, not intended for anyone except certain one or two persons, become public - by deceit? I am pretty sure that in certain situations all of us let ourselves say things we would never say publicly. To me it's totally normal. There is always something that never leaves my head, then there is something I can only say to the close circle, then to the wider circle, then publicly. The real culprit of all the turmoil going on right now, as I see it, is the media that, first, discreetly records Trump's words, not intended for the public, and, second, makes it public. Media is the evil, not (or, maybe, not only) Trump.

Спаммер, гадящий мне в блог спаммерскими комментами, ГОРИ В АДУ, ДЕБИЛ.